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Mortgage Protection Insurance For Homeowners

July 31, 2021 Bruce Forman 0

What Is Mortgage Protection Insurance? How Does It Work?

MPI policy, or Mortgage Protection Insurance, is a type of Mortgage insurance policy, provides financial assistance to your family for making your monthly mortgage payments in the event of the death of the insured or the mortgage borrower. Certain MPI policies can provide limited coverage if you are incapacitated or lose your job due to an accident.

What Is The Process Of Obtaining Mortgage Protection Insurance?:

Mortgage protection insurance is similar to term life insurance. You pay premiums for the policy term, and you are only covered during the policy’s term. Most insurers offer policies that last the same amount of time as the mortgage term. However, policies can be offered at intervals of five to ten years. The insurance policy coverage will end once the term expires.

Your mortgage lender will receive a death benefit if you die while your policy is in force. The policy will pay off your mortgage in full. However, the policy will not give any direct benefits to your loved ones.

Mortgage Protection Vs. Life Insurance: Which Is Better?

Most MPI policies work similarly to traditional life insurance policies. However, there are some differences. Your lender will require you to pay a monthly premium. The premium ensures that your coverage is current and ensures that you are covered. Your policy provider will pay a death benefit which will cover a certain number of mortgage payments if you die during the policy term. Your policy conditions will specify the limits and the monthly payments your policy covers. Most policies will cover the remainder of the mortgage; however, this can vary depending on the lender. You can compare policies and lenders before you purchase a policy.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Mortgage Protection Insurance?

Before deciding whether a policy is right for you, you must understand the basics of mortgage protection insurance.


  • Your mortgage payments will no longer burden your family in the event you die.
  • A mortgage protection policy is being created with affordable premiums.
  • Mortgage protection policies are not subject to underwriting, making them easier to obtain.


  • It doesn’t offer any tangible benefit to your loved ones other than paying your mortgage completely.
  • The premium payment should remain constant throughout the policy’s term. However, the death benefit will decrease as time passes to match the loan amount.

A mortgage is not possible without MPI. You can buy a house regardless of the type of loan that you choose. Even though your lender might recommend that you purchase insurance, the final choice is yours. Before buying the insurance, you may want to read the review of the loan protection here.

You may feel more secure knowing your family won’t be left with the mortgage debt. Consider the pros and cons of this insurance before you decide if it is right for you.